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What guarantee do they have?

All reviews you buy have a 6-month warranty from publication. If for any reason the review is not published correctly or is hidden, its replacement is assured.

Where can I send the publications?

After attaching your profile or profiles and from the same main panel you can add your publications by clicking on “+ New Profile”, you will see the menu shown below.


How can I keep track of published and scheduled publications?

By accessing the desired business profile, you will be able to see the history of all your publications, both scheduled and already published.

I have several locations, can I add several in the same account?

Yes, creating your account easily can add as many profiles as you like. After this you can contract the desired package for each profile individually or divide a package among the added profiles.


I need to buy bigger packs.

In case you need to contract larger packs, you can do it in 2 ways, you can contract the subscription to get the benefits of all our tools and later, within your panel, buy more reviews in the “Store” section, this form allows you to start work immediately. Also, you can contact us through our form and indicate the need for your business and why you need the direct assistance of an agent to start working, this will help us day by day.

Do you have non-subscription options?

Our packs include tools that will help you position and outperform your competition and are offered with our subscription for free so the price does not vary. In any case, if you want to make reviews individually, this is possible, for this you only have to register in our panel and access the “Store” section from which you can purchase reviews individually. Despite this, we always recommend the subscription as it has no permanence and offers many additional tools.

Can I get free reviews?

Yes, since our system is a marketplace between companies and Maps users, you can create your account as “both”, reviewer and company. In order to get free reviews, all you have to do is use your profiles to earn enough credits to start posting on your own.

Can Google penalize my profile for buying reviews on Thebusinessreviews?

Reviews are published by real users, for this reason there is no reason why Google can take action against your profile. These opinions are exactly the same as those that your clients regularly publish, so it is 100% safe to buy reviews at The Business Reviews

Are the users who publish the opinions from the same area as my business?

When publishing the reviews, profiles that match the location of your business are selected so that the reviews have a greater value for Google.

How does geolocation work?

Currently, the implemented system is called “best effort”, which means that during the first 24 hours of scheduling a review, an attempt will be made to search for a user profile that most precisely matches the geolocation indicated when adding the review. If this is not possible, a profile from the same country will be searched and, in the latter case, geolocation will be ignored. It is necessary to take into account that the accounts are geolocated according to the information entered by the “reviewers”, so it is subject to what is set by these users. Not always and in all cases it may be geolocated. It is also necessary to take into account that the majority of users are of Spanish-speaking origin.

Are they Local Guides users?

A significant percentage of users are Local Guide of at least level 4. We urge our users to improve their Local Guide level so it is possible that, if the account that has published an opinion on your profile is not Local Guide in that Now, in a few days or weeks, increase your level and become a Local Guide. Obtaining local guides is not guaranteed.

Could reviews be hidden?

This is possible since there are automatic mechanisms that can hide publications, nobody can assure that they remain 100%.

Can I post images together with reviews?

Yes, by adding your review you can add images to it. Please note that the Google algorithm could filter the image for multiple reasons and not appear when a user publishes it, so publication of the image is not guaranteed.


Can users delete posts?

We have sufficient mechanisms to ensure permanence and replacement in the event that a user deletes a publication. All users must meet strict requirements, their account could be closed immediately and payments could be claimed if they detected that the deletion was deliberate and voluntary. In addition, we have a comprehensive 6-month warranty that protects you in these cases.

✚ General

What is The Business Reviews?

The Business Reviews is a local seo tool aimed at improving positioning, online reputation and income, allowing you to get totally real opinions and offering useful management tools for local seo and marketing. The Business Reviews is not a consultancy, we offer self-managed services by providing customers with tools that simplify the effort required to a minimum. Many agencies use our tools to manage local marketing for Google My Business accounts.

What is the difference between technical chat support (The Business reviews pack only) and customer support?

Customer service can help you navigate, provide information and help you with payment systems. The support by technicians is a premium customer service by unique and exclusively qualified personnel with minimum studies of «Computer Engineer», a degree granted and recognized by the competent university, with a certified degree. The doubts and questions are answered without limit through our email and referred to the experts.

Where can I download my invoice?

All orders are invoiced and you can obtain your invoice from the corresponding section of your panel. In order for the system to have your invoice available, you must enter or provide us with the following details by contact: Company Name, CIF / NIF, Address.

Do you have telephone assistance?

We have assistance by chat and email. In addition, they can consult our engineers in case of having the superior pack. In order to maintain the price of our service it is not possible to offer telephone assistance, if you want consulting or assistance services you can contact to consult the prices with our associated consultant, you can consult the services and prices on their website.

User (Earn Money)

How much will I earn by posting reviews?

It depends on the Local Guide level of the account you use to post the review. In the following table you have the remuneration per review depending on the level of the Local Guide:

Level 1 Reviews Level 2 Reviews Level 3 Reviews Level 4 Reviews Level 5 Reviews Level 6 Reviews Level 7 Reviews Level 8 Reviews Level 9 Reviews Level 10 Reviews
 $            0.50 0  $            0.60 15  0,7  75  $            0.80 250  $            0.90 500  $            1.00 1500  $            1.10 2500  $            1.30 5000  $            1.60 10000  $            2.00 15000

When and how will I receive my money?

At the end of the month we check the balance of each user and if it is equal to or greater than € 25, a payment is issued directly to your Paypal account, for this is the only form of payment. If you have an account you can create it here, if you do not want to create or have a Paypal account you will not be able to withdraw the money. Payments are made between the 1st and 15th of the following month. If the balance is less than € 25, it is kept in your account until you obtain the minimum amount to be collected.

Can I use multiple Google accounts to post opinions?

You can only use one account per device. For example, you can post from the computer with one account and from your mobile with a different one. But once you have published on a device, you can only republish on it with the same account.

What are the requirements to validate my account?

Most accounts that have been used daily leaving reviews on other businesses, are old and do not contain inappropriate content will have no problem and will be validated immediately. We also require that at the same time that the account with The Business Reviews is used to help companies, the user continues in the following weeks making common use.

Can Google delete my account for posting comments?

There is no reason why Google can delete your account. It cannot differentiate your opinions from those of other clients. In some cases, if the instructions are not followed, they can hide the reviews that you publish, that’s why we ask you to follow the instructions that we show you on the web and in your panel to the letter to avoid problems.

Can I be banned from The Business Reviews?

If you do not comply with the rules and policies, carry out bad practices or delete comments, you can be expelled losing the accumulated balance and with the option of a legal and / or economic sanction. According to the current legislation, the user is the legal responsible for all the comments that are made and how it can be penalized if it practices harmful to The Business Reviews or any of its partners.

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