Is it a good idea to buy reviews on Google My Business?

As is well known, reputation is very important in a business and in the digital market it is more so. It’s proven that people consult the comments and stars that a business has before clicking on buy or going to a business. In addition, positive comments help to give visibility within the search engine in the first places when a search related to your product is made.

Can Google penalize your profile for buying reviews on Google My Business?

Some people wonder if buying Google reviews affects your website’s ranking against Google. And logic indicates that if Google finds out, it could definitely affect you. For this reason, there are agencies that have specialized in providing real and verified profiles, even with activity in the same area of ​​operation of your business so that Google does not detect it.

The most convenient thing is that the people who share a comment have actually used a product or service and for that they must demonstrate the consumption of that product or service, however, this is not always the case, and it is very difficult for Google to detect which comments are real and which ones are not.

When is it appropriate to buy reviews on Google My Business?

We want to explain why in certain cases it is convenient to buy positive reviews. Many times negative reviews have been posted with malicious intent for even personal reasons that can seriously damage the reputation of the business and buying positive reviews on Google My Business may be the best option to overcome a negative comment.

  1. Negative campaigns of unfair competition

A positive review campaign for your business can overshadow negative reviews, which may even have been bought by your competition. Google My Business has a system to remove malicious or inappropriate negative reviews, as long as a claim is submitted to remove them, however, response time can be very slow, which has caused the sale of positive reviews to go up.

  1. Buying positive reviews from competitors

Another case occurs when your competition buys positive reviews on Google My Business, resulting in a very good positioning in the market, leaving the rest of the competitors behind. And since it’s about paid campaigns, the quality and quantity of comments is too much to compete against. For this reason, there are expert agencies such as that can detect whether it’s paid campaigns or well-implemented digital marketing plans.

Buying positive reviews on Google My Business can help you get out of a negative comment crisis caused by unfair competition and take care of the reputation of your business, however, it’s also important to have a negative review management strategy and a marketing plan to get positive reviews from your customers.

Importance of geolocation

Online maps, gps navigation concept. Map pointer location on a computer laptop. 3d illustration

It’s important to mention that digital services are not affected by geolocation, but if your business is physical, the reviews you obtain must be from people close to your business, however, the data of the people who leave real comments is often incomplete and they are not geolocatable, so Google cannot have control over them. In that case, in a purchased review the basic data is sufficient.

Another good practice is to invite your company’s employees, collaborators, and customers to share positive opinions and detailed descriptions of your product or service. In addition, having the support of experts in the field such as will help you implement an appropriate strategy for buying positive reviews, to create a marketing plan that allows you to obtain real positive reviews from your customers. Contact us for personalized advice.

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