How recent must the reviews be to influence the customer’s decision?

How recent must the reviews be to influence the customer's decision?

The actuality of the reviews is a fundamental parameter before the potential customer makes a decision. According to the Local Consumer Review Survey 2019, 48% of consumers in the United States are influenced by reviews from the last two weeks; For 18 to 34 year olds this was 61%, for those aged 35 to 54 60% and those 55 and over do not seem to be affected by overly up-to-date reviews.

This study reveals that 84% of consumers believe that online reviews older than 3 months are not relevant. In fact, only 3% of consumers are influenced by reviews that are older than one year.

What about fake reviews even if they are recent?

Fake reviews have become a big problem, marketers spend a significant amount of time fighting these spammers. In 2019 alone, 82% of consumers read a fake review. Does this mean that fake reviews are becoming more common? Yes, because on various sites users can leave reviews without text and there is no process to guarantee that these are legitimate consumers.

We at know how important reviews are to customers, but especially local businesses, so we’d love more consumers to feel able to trust recent, legitimate reviews. Contact us to help you as a site owner review your business reviews.

How recent must the reviews be to influence the customer's decision?

Note that Google uses automatic spam detection measures to remove reviews that have a high probability of being spam. Google has a zero tolerance policy for fake reviews. Therefore, it is possible to remove any review that we believe is false or does not comply with Google’s review policies.

Remember that reviews may be removed if other users indicate that they are inaccurate or if they do not comply with Google’s review policies. You can’t contact someone who left an inappropriate review, but you can ask Google to remove it. You can also contact and we help you manage the reputation of your comments.

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