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Why do people click on ads for local services?

Most people who search on Google don’t go beyond the first page of the results. This is why it’s very important that local businesses qualify for the search if they want to attract potential customers and grow their businesses.

You should know that as a business owner you have several advertising options. Ads on Google are the most effective for your business, as it’s the most popular search engine. Google has several options, including ads from Google’s local services, which work according to the location of your business and businesses in the area.

Google local service ads

Google’s local service ads can help you reach your potential customers more effectively. If your store has good reviews, you will have more visibility when people use more important related local keywords. In we are experts in marketing strategies focused on clicks on Google local service ads, contact us.

Traditional ads run on a pay-per-click system, but local service ads run on a pay-per-lead system. This way, you only have to pay for the leads you contact through the local service announcements. Another great virtue is that these types of ads have a simpler configuration than usual search ads.

Why do people click on local service ads

Now that you know what local service ads are about, we want to explain why people click on them.

According to the Local Services Ad Clicks Study, review ratings are the biggest contributor to LSA clicks. When looking at the different industry search tests, there is a noticeable difference in clicks when one rating is significantly higher than the others.

In another test, the LSA in the top position had 3.6 rating stars and got 5.8% of total clicks, while the LSA with 4.5 stars in position 3 received 7.9 of the clicks.

For local service ads, review ratings are obtained from Google My Business listings and the advertising platform. So now you know, if you want to use LSA for your local business, you should have positive reviews on Google to maximize your chances of getting clicks.

Why Consumers Click Local Package Results

Like LSAs, consumers are more likely to be swayed by review ratings, followed by the number of reviews the company had. In fact, that was the biggest motivator of all the clicks in the aforementioned study. In one of the tests, the local company in position two of the local package (5-star rating) outperformed position one (4.3 stars).

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