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Enhance positive reviews on your Facebook fanpage

the following blog we will tell you how to take advantage of your good reputation on Facebook to generate more positive opinions, also called reviews or ratings. In digital marketing it is very important how others see you, therefore the importance of having positive opinions on your FanPage or on your product page.

According to Facebook data, 90% of customers say positive online reviews play an important role in their purchasing decision, so take a moment to design a strategy to incentivize your fans to write positive reviews on your FanPage. It can help you generate more sales or at least awareness.

But what are the advantages of getting positive reviews on your FanPage? The first is that it helps you generate a loyal and up-to-date database, the second: it helps you improve your reputation by making more users speak highly of your product or service.

At we tell you step by step how to generate positive opinions on your FanPage. Take note, the first thing you have to do is enable the option to receive opinions. If this option is not configured, look for the configuration tab, then choose the edit page option to enable this option. Take note, the following will also help you.

To create a good reputation, create a unique and eye-catching offer in which upon registering your users obtain a promotional code or, send them the coupon by mail once they have registered. Next, be sure to keep track of the people who benefit from your promo code, average order value, new order percentage, and all other sales metrics.

Prepare a thank you message for those who have made a purchase using some code, then send them a follow-up email, in which they thank the customer for their order and ask them to leave you an opinion on your Facebook page.

Another way to generate positive conversation is by setting up Facebook ads to generate traffic to your landing page. At this point you can make 60% of your consumers go to your profile and leave their experience, a fundamental tip is not to invent them. Always try to be genuine.

If you answer all the comments or most of them, you will show that your organization is upright and strives to build a true relationship with its customers. Take the following into account: always appreciate aspects such as organization, friendliness or support. If the person helped improve a business process, mention it and give them credit for collaborating.

Invite him to keep in touch in case any doubt or concern arises. If negative comments arise due to a mistake by a member of your team, accept it and apologize. Do not try to offend or respond with an aggressive tone and invite the client to formally present their situation to the support and assistance area. You have doubts? Write us, at we are here to answer your questions.

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