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Reviews on Facebook

Social networks such as Facebook opened a very valuable communication channel between consumers and companies to share opinions, doubts, suggestions, complaints and recommendations.

Improve direct contact with your customers by promoting an excellent image and reputation of your company through favorable comments on Facebook that clearly project the quality and advantages of your products or services.

This information not only increases trust and improves communication between your company and its customers, but also serves as evidence for other users who know more about the quality of products and services and get closer to their competitors.


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Buy positive reviews on Facebook

It is not about pretending what you are not. We help you quickly get positive ratings on your company’s Facebook profile so that they reinforce your reputation and that more people want to consume your products or hire your services.

By attracting more clients to your business, your good practices and excellent service will reinforce the image of your company, your new clients will generate more and better comments, further improving your reputation and your image.

Real Profiles

The users who will comment and rate your business are real personnel.

Total control

Decide what comments and ratings they want to see on your Facebook profile.

Strengthen your brand

Get more positive feedback to improve your brand image.

Safe service

The confidentiality of your business and that of our community is a priority.

How does it work?



Create an account for free. You will not need to add bank card details or payment information. If you are a new user receive an additional welcome review on your first purchase.


Register your business

Add your company or business. You will have the possibility to add more than one commercial premises without any additional cost. By adding your company, our system will automatically include it on the Google map.


Configure your reviews

Type the reviews you want to appear on your profile, the score and the date of appearance. You will have the possibility to select the profile of the user who will write it, you can even add photos to your opinions.

Project the best of your company

Promote your products and services by projecting qualities and strengths of your company to obtain more clients. We help you accelerate your growth, start now!

Safe and reliable service


Guaranteed security

We strongly protect all your information and your business even when you stop using our services. You can delete your account and your data when you no longer need our services, reviews or downloads.

We take care of your privacy

Your identity and that of our collaborators who are 100% real and geolocated people are not shared with any company or third parties.

Real reviews

We do not use bots or cyber systems to post reviews. We have thousands of people who publish reviews that are verified when registering for our service.


Total control

You will be able to manage the profile and status of your reviews and even the dates and the rating that you want to receive in each evaluation in an agile and safe way.

Accelerate your sales

It will be a pleasure to answer all your questions and grow your positioning by improving the reputation of your business, obtaining more customers and increasing sales.


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